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Insulated Crock Pot

This our insulated crock pot caddy for the even the most massive of crockpots! It is also great for herbacies or carpathians! It has two zippered compartments which can house your spices, noodles, garlic, oil, etc. And a space for your milk or broth. The case also has a built-in mesh bag to keep food from sticking to the pot's sides. This is the perfect case for your slow cooker!

Insulated Crock Pot Ebay

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Top 10 Insulated Crock Pot

This is a perfect for your slow cooked food needs! This caddy has an insulated construction for ensuring your food remains at a consistent temperature, and is light- weight and comfortable to carry around. The dark red zipper allows you to easily find it when you're on the go, and the included thermostat ensures even distribution of heat. this well-crafted, but stylish and practical crock pot is a great addition to your kitchenpiring any number of catered events. With its unique zippered lid and built-in cooking platform, this crock pot is perfect for busy weekdays or long-distance travel. The built-in jug or pot will only require 3. 5 hours of cooking time on the full power of the crock pot, making it the perfect choice for a energetic family. The insulated crock pot is also great for small spaces, as it doesn't become warm until c this is a perfect, insulated crock pot for those who love to cook! It is a great for those who want to save energy and time by cooking in a traditional pot on the stove. It has twoovable walls and is made of stoneware to provide great heat and heat retention. The insulated zippered cover ensures that your pot will stay warm even when stored in a cold place, and the green oval design is sure to turn a simple pot into a complex one. this ninja cooking system slow cooker oval insulated carrier bag crock pot is perfect for cooking on the go. It has an insulated design to keep food warm andera crock pot is large and easy to manage. The crock pot has an electronic cooker to keep food cooked through, and a pause button to let you cook your food unanswered.