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Crock Pot Replacement Stoneware 6 Quart

The crock pot slow cooker 1, 5 Quart model scr151-wg is a terrific way for lovers hunting for a new base only crock pot. This device can easily handle your cravings for rice, rice and more rice, plus, it comes with practical features ribs and 3-day pork rind. With this model, you can easily become familiar with the device and its capabilities, so, make sure you are to spend a little more for a high-quality and reliable crock pot.

Crock Pot Replacement Insert

This is a crock-ette pot that is Replacement for the 3100 32001 32003, it presents a green light and a black lid. The crock pot is fabricated of metal and plastic, it is manufactured to tailor the others and can be connected to the slow cooker using the included straps. The insert grants a hole in it for track and the slow cooker gives a door that allows the add-on to add anything, these days, crock pots are different than before, because add-ons can be attached anywhere on the front of the crock pot. Crock-eetes pot imparts a hole in the middle so you can add your own add-ons, this 6 Quart Stoneware brown insert Replacement liners for the rival crock pot will make your cooking times and your meal preparation easier. These insert liners are made of Stoneware and are, this is a first-class value crock-ette pot for suitors who are searching for a new slow cooker to cook their food in. It provides a new, durable plastic lid that makes it easier to clean and keep your food at a consistent temperature, this is an outstanding alternative for shoppers who are searching for a crock-ette pot that will continue to cook their food evenly and with performance. This crock-pot scr151-wg-np 1, 5-quart slow cooker Replacement lid only works with the crock-pot scr151-wg-np 1. 5-quart slow cooker.